Recent Projects

React Recipes download badgestars badge

A React Hooks utility library containing popular customized hooks. What's your favorite dish?

Memorize by Heart

Memorize By Heart

Memorize By Heart is a tool used by professionals that uses memorization techniques for a faster and longer lasting memory.


Bennion Law

Bennion Law has the best lawyer in all of Las Vegas.

chameleon game play

Chameleon Game

Blend in. Don't get caught. These are the first principles of survival for a Chameleon. 3-10 players.

sleeping starfish

Mattress Ipsum

The most comfortable lorem ipsum generator. Snuggle up!



A responsive frontend website built with AngularJS and the PokeAPI where users can search any pokemon and get info on that pokemon.


iOS Calculator

A clone of the iOS calculator. Nothing out of the ordinay here. Built with React and Redux



A fun game of snake built entirely on jQuery and JavaScript to pass by the time. Try to beat your high score!